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Sisterhood of the Traveling Lauren Bag Modern Moto Magazine

Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag

“MotoChic united five female motorcyclists across the U.S. and Canada with…an event commemorating the the company’s launch of the new Lauren Sport convertible backpack/tote bag…The bag traveled well over a combined 5,000 miles on its journey and looked fabulous…” Read the full article…

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Hot Products: Lauren Sport Bag

“The bag is made from 100 percent vegan-friendly materials and features a grab handle integrated into the backpack harness for easy carrying. It also has large reflective panels on the front of the bag to enhance nighttime visibility and side closures with locking snaps to reduce wind resistance.”

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Motorbike Writer Compression Socks Ease Aches

Motorbike Writer: Socks Ease Aches

Compression socks…are also handy for long-distance air travel to prevent deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). However, they can also be useful for long-distance riders to keep the blood in the veins of your legs return to your heart. This will reduce swelling and ease aches and pains.” Read more…

Veg News, vegan, vegetarian, cruelty-free, animal-free motorcycle bag

Female-Focused Brand to Debut Vegan Bag

“The Lauren Sport Bag by MotoChic transforms from backpack to tote and is completely free of animal products…” Read the full article…

Orange County Weekly Women's Moto Mart Best Women's Apparel and Gear

Best Women’s Motorcycle Gear

California Moto Market showcased the best in women’s motorcycle apparel and gear. “MotoChic: Items from this Bay Area-based company are the epitome of fashion meeting function, including a backpack that converts to a tote bag and a pompom keychain that has a charger cord inside.” Keep reading…

unicorn goods world's largest vegan store cruelty free animal free e

MotoChic Gear Available at Unicorn Goods

The Lauren Sport bag  is now available at Unicorn Goods, the world’s largest curated collection of animal-free products. The weatherproof bag can be used as a backpack or tote bag, and is a lighter weight, vegan version of the patented Lauren bag. Find out more…