There’s No Such Thing As a Biker Chick

Andria Yu - MotoChic Gear Blog
May 02 2019

There’s No Such Thing As a Biker Chick

On the cusp of another International Female Ride Day©, as we slide into our badass biker gear and onto the seat of our two-wheeled beacon of freedom, it hit us… There’s no such thing as a biker chick anymore.

Andria Yu (see her review of the Ural sidecar motorcycle), the Motorcycle Industry Council’s director of communications said it best in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, “We are chipping away at old images of what a ‘biker chick’ looks like and replacing it with: ‘I’m a (fill in the blank: journalist, lawyer, mom, teacher, college student) who also loves to ride, and my bike and gear reflect my personal style.'”

It’s funny when culture changes it feels like day and night yet it takes years. Ideas about femininity have shifted to stronger voices, stronger bodies and a strong stand. We’re no longer just “someone’s chick,” we’re “that girl,” and we might show up in a Mercedes sporting red-bottom high heels, a station wagon with not one but two car seats in the back, or a Harley with a MotoChic® bag strapped to our back. In celebration of International Female Ride Day©, our entire MotoAngels™ by MotoChic® Collection of tanks, tees and hoodie is 20% off from May 4 – 12 when you use the code “MORE” at checkout.

All visions of womanhood makes sense, they are all embraced. They surpass gender yet don’t rob us of our unique, extraordinary gift of being a woman. It’s a statement of how far we’ve come and that now, ourselves and our daughters, sisters, nieces and granddaughters have no limits. It’s why the women I know who ride, do so. It opens up a new world to us, a door that used to be closed, one that lets us exercise our rebellious hearts and empower our adventurous souls.

So what do we call ourselves, we the businesswomen for whom life can’t move fast enough. The moms who seize each day like, “Gimme everything you’ve got, because I’ve got this.” The teachers who are shaping young female minds to understand just how powerful they truly are. We’re not biker chicks anymore. We’re brilliant, chic, liberated, tough and beautiful. We’re everything, all of it, utterly, fabulously and so much more.

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